Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Attention All Shot Callers!!!

Get your paper right. If you are not financially independent, you are a slave. Blessed is the business man/woman who does not depend on someone else to pay them a salary. Recognize that your salary is a means to an end and that is financial freedom. Your salary will cover your expenses as you establish your own finanical pipeline so that the cash flow you generate will allow you to stand alone and not depend on a paycheck. If you are like me, you are a boss/bosstress and have a vision grander than a paycheck can pay for. Your paycheck is the base you use to help you comfortably chart new financial territroy and conquer it. You will never be a shot caller if someone is writing your checks. Make up your mind today to build up your credit, save up a stong reserve (at least 8 months salary or more), allocate money to invest in your personal business, and have a clear and refined path on how you will become your own boss.

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