Saturday, September 12, 2009

Super Man versus Clark Kent

This blog is for the employee by day, CEO/business owner at night. Speaking from experience, wearing both hats is a juggling act. Yet it is doable especially when neccesity is your motivation. Most business owners don't have the luxury of just running their own businesses when they start out. When you are supporting a family and an infant business, it is important to establish a base to work from. And being employed acts as that base. As I have noted in other blogs, cash flow is critical to the livelihood of a business. Therefore if your business has not yet started generating consistent cash flow, the 9-5 may have to work as the conduit until that is established. I must also note, that your 9-5 can help you develop contacts that you can use when your operation is up and fully running, also you can develop skills and get training through your company that will assist you in your own endeavors. So don't fret when you are in Clark Kent mode. Super Man had to earn a living too.

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