Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mistakes are Your Top Business Advisors

The difference between successful business people and unsuccessful people is that the former group learned from their mistakes and the second group did not. Mistakes are inevitable especially when we are conquering new territory. The wise business person reflects on their mistakes, what they could have done different, and how they can grow from the experience they had. The unwise business person takes no time to reflect on their mistakes and either commit the same mistakes over and over or they quit all together. A point I might add to this is that persistence gives you about a 70-80% more chance of success... Just a FYI. As someone who has made several mistakes in business, I now see those mistakes as opportunities to become better and grow in experience. I'm not saying that I try to make mistakes, I just realize that they can be useful tools if reflected upon the right way. Our society is so bent on perfectionism, so much so that we demoralize people who do not get it right on the first try. But any true business winner will tell you that they did not get it right the first time out, but learned from their failures, persisted, and finally found the right formula for success.

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