Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Innovate or Evaporate!

As hard as it may be, modern businesses cannot afford to get set in their ways. The landscape of the business world is changing so rapidly that the business that can be as fluid as possible has a better chance at longevity. Businesses must always keep their eyes on new trends, technology, emerging markets, and improvements. A business is similar to a living organism that must be constantly learning,eating and exercising so that it can grow. If the company is complacent (satisfied with where it is at) it will become old, irrelevant, and eventually die out (just look at the music industry, ouch!). Entire industries rise and fall due to innovation. Now there are timeless pillars that a company should never let go of such as a good name, integrity, and great customer service. These are constants, but even these should be growing with the times.

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