Monday, September 7, 2009

A Boss' Posture

The importance of justified confidence in business cannot be stressed enough. Notice that I said "justified confidence". This concept is much different that regular confidence. Justified confidence comes from have a successful track record, expertise, preparation (all three phases which I mentioned in a previous blog), knowledge of one's product/service, knowledge of one's market, and the ability to execute and deliver results (and know when you cannot). A lot of novice entrepreneurs have confidence at first until they are tested by the business world's tough landscape. Can your idea survive nay sayers, non-believers,rejection, competition, and other forms of discouragement? If the answer is yes, then you are able to proceed to the next phase of your business journey. If not, you must go back to the drawing board until you develop the mental fortitude to withstand the currents of business ownership (in other words, prepare more). It's also funny that our character as business leaders is tested when we get a real contract on the table! As if it's not enough to deal with feelings of insecurity when we face negativity. What a paradox. I have realized that if I am not confident enough in my product/service to risk getting a bruised ego, then perhaps I'm not ready to take the next step. It's just a reality check and there is nothing wrong with having these often. But there are some business concepts that I am utterly confident in and these let me know that I'm ready to go a little further down the path toward success.

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