Thursday, August 27, 2009

Network or Die

Next to cash flow, networking is the next most important thing in running a successful business. Sometimes relationships yield greater power that money does! Remember the old saying "Your money is no good here"? Well make sure you are on the positive side of that phrase because more times than not, your relationships determine how far your capital can stretch and the support you garner when stretching it. Isolation is death in business. Even if you do not like the majority of people in your industry, you must learn to work with them to achieve your desired results. Keep your network current, expanding, and satisfied. Many of the people you meet are potential customers and if you happen to befriend them, they will more than likely choose to buy your services over Joe Smoe's down the street that they barely know. When you develop a strong network base, you can then move into establishing strategic alliances and that is when your vision and business can grow to heights that they could not when trying to do everything on your own.Two brains are better than one, how much more one hundred brains. That would be an unstoppable force.

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