Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Eat an Elephant

Starting a business can be a very exciting thing. The pure passion that comes from creating your own venture is one of the best MOTIVATORS on the planet. Yet as time progresses, that passion can fade a little bit when you see the unglamorous side of owning and running a business. Things such as taxes, budgets, time wasting leads, filing, copyrights, trademarking, stress etc. blah blah blah. You begin to think to yourself I did not sign up for this right? It gets a little overwhelming. I think new business owners find themselves in this plight because they fail to pace themselves. You are supposed to enjoy running your own business, being your own boss. But often times, due to burnout many new bosses end up hating it and quiting all together. Trust me I've been there. What I have learned is that first you must craft a plan. It doesn't have to be super detailed at first. The details will come as you go (OJT). Then you have to test your service/product before you go into all out business ownership. Introduce your product/service to about 100 people and see how they respond to it. See if there is a market for it. Trust me when I say this, positive feedback and cash flow are going to help sustain your spirits when your dealing with the paper work and other boring parts of running a business. Take your time, if you feel the need to rush to get your business out there, you will miss things and you will have many knots on your head to show for your lack of preparation. Again, I've been there. Relax, take a breather. Try to commit at least 20 minutes a day to your business, avoid burnout at all cost. You will eventually get to where you envision. Please share your thoughts.

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