Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finish What You Start

It's easy to be excited about starting your own business at first. It is no hard task to develop a new idea into something tangible when the idea is still new. But there is a gap that occurs along the way that prevents us from completing our objective once distraction, an obstacle, or negative criticism rear their ugly heads toward what you and I are working towards. Distractions, even good ones, are still distractions and must be treated as such. Your focus must be on your task and that alone, if you can help it. It's not a matter of if an obstacle comes, it's a matter of when obstacles come, you must be able to bounce back and maneuver around them to complete your short term and ultimately your long term goals. Negative criticism is probably one of the nastiest road blocks to overcome, but if you are sold on your business concept, product, and/or idea, you'll be able to hurdle this one with relative ease. The end of something is always better than the beginning of something. Don't chase one new idea or business after another. Work at what you have already begun to put your hands to if it still makes sense from a financial stand point. I have found that one of the greatest motivators is consistent/daily progress toward ones goals.

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