Monday, July 6, 2009


One of the key concepts that I am learning which leads to success is TEAMWORK. This is a concept that I struggle with because I am very independent by nature. But there is no way around it, we need other people in order to make a real impact on this earth. All of the greatest men and women leaders had great teams around them working towards a common goal. One person working by his or herself may be able to accomplish some great things, but in order to fulfill bigger and better visions, it is crucial to surround ourselves with people smarter, more talented, and more creative than we are or people who are at least on the same level. Often times egos and pride get in the way, but the wise person keeps the big picture in view and realizes that the goal, prize, or fulfillment is a much sweeter treat than holding on to one's fragile and often times false self image. A true leader is able to recognize his/her weaknesses and welcomes the chance to add people to his/her team that will fill in the gaps of their deficiencies. The challenge most times is growing to trust people and learning how not to be self absorbed because at the end of the day, true greatness lies in helping others become great. I hope that at the end of my life, it is not only said that I was a person of greatness but also that I assisted several other people in realizing their inner greatness as well. To me that is the true hallmark of greatness. Curious to know your thoughts...

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  1. Did you learn that from Kobe. LOL! JK
    It's so true. Working in teams over the course of school has also taught me valuable lessons about telling people the truth and how to resolve conflict. Conflict was something I avoided. Great leaders take on conflict head on and deals with it in a way that builds people up and does not tear them down. Thanks for the post.