Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On the road to fufilling a vision, frustration and disappointments are inevatable. These just come with the territory. Perhaps a business relationship that you thought was good went sour over night, or an idea or concept you had was stolen, or the pepole that are closest to you ridicule you daily for pursuing your vision. Whatever the situation, the point is how do you deal with those frustrations. I have noticed that whenever I let frustration or dissapointment get the best of me, bitterness begins to sneak in. BITTERNESS IS THE ARCH ENEMY OF CREATIVITY. And what's worse is that it can be hard to detect if you don't watch out for it. Bitterness turns to resentment and resentment turns to anger and you are not balanced mentally when you are angry so you are unable to reason correctly. I almost slipped into this trap yesterday, but my wife brought me back to reality when she used an example on how to take frustration/dissapointment and do something constructive with it. She spoke about how Kobe Bryant didn't allow himself to get angry or lose focus when Jerry West and other basketball authorities said that Lebron James had surpassed him as a player. Rather than flying off the handle. Kobe kept his poise, took that hogwash as a personal challange and used it as fuel to play the most brilliant basketball of his career. Therefore frustration can be channeled to produce a desired outcome if you take it as a personal challenge and allow it to fortify your skills, talents, creativity, and desire rather than letting it tear them apart. I'm very curious on other peoples stories regarding this subject. Please respond with how you have overcome frustration/disappointment or even how you fell short and learned from the mistakes you made.

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