Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ALL Hard work leads to A profit!

All hard work leads to a profit. I think this is a forgotten principle in our microwave society. Sometimes I fall into the mindset of wanting success over night. But I'm learning that the profit/success is not necessarily the greatest reward. The greatest reward is the character that I develop personally in the process of pursuing the profit. The journey toward success is not the only thing one must be prepared for, perhaps it is more important to be prepared when success actually comes. When success comes easy, heck even when it comes hard, people not prepared to handle it lose touch with reality and do some of the dumbest things. How is that multi millionaires who have everything going for them end up bankrupt and it's not caused by misfortune? How is that people that have loving, caring, and wonderful spouses end up leaving them for temporary pleasure? I believe that issues such as these arise from peoples failure to prepare for the aftermath of success while on the journey to it. A succesful person that I would like to emulate is Will Smith. He's got the world in the palm of his yet he seems to be very grounded. Evidence of this is that he remains faithful to his wife, is a present and great father, and seems to be very down to earth. I've never met the guy personally, but some of the interviews that I've watched and read confirm the perception that I have of him. It is my quest to not only be successful, but to maintain it and teach others how to do the same. A wise man long ago once said "An inheritance quickly gained in the beginning will not be blessed in the end". Please share your thoughts.

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