Saturday, May 2, 2009

What do you do before you get in the game?

Preparation is everything. In order to seize opportunities that can take our businesses, careers, or lives to the next level we have to be prepared for them. This is an important concept that has lost popularity in this current generation. Today, we expect to become successful, wealthy, or famous over night. Some people are able to achieve this, but usually they do not remain in a top position for long because they did not develop into who they needed to be in order to maintain their success. Think of people who rose to power quickly or won the lottery or rappers who seeminly blow up over night. Many of them fall very hard and we remember their mis-fortune more than their achievement (think MC Hammer, Scott Storch, Mike Tyson). The key is to become a successful person before the fame, riches, and honor come and you'll have a better chance of maintaining it when it comes (and it will come if you are diligent). How do I do this you ask? Some of the ways that I do this is (1) read and study the lives of successful people who I would like to emulate, (2) practice my skill as often as possible, (3) begin preparing my mind for success and learning how to manage what I want before I get it. The way you prepare may be different from mine, but the principle holds true, that is if you want to be successful and maintain that success when it comes, start preparing today!

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